New Constructions

When getting a new building, you need to hire a good building contractor. It does not matter if it is a new building or doing some renovation on the old one. You must do a serious search before settling down for the one to do your work. This article will give you some must ask questions to all people and companies which want to do your work.

Must ask questions

How long have you being doing this

Experience teaches us more than we were taught in class. This why you should know how long the contractor has been actively involved in buildings. The more experience, the better. If you get one who has done this work for more than two years, then you save. If one can make to be in the market for more than two years, it means they have been doing good work, hence referrals and more customers.

Do you all licenses?

This is another important question. Are they recognized and allowed by the local authority to operate in that state? If yes, let them show the license. It should even be hanged on the windows for them to see. If a contractor is not in a position to produce license documents it means they are not qualified and hence not allowed to work on people’s buildings.

Do you offer guarantees?

With buildings, the contractor must be able to give a guarantee. This means that they trust what they have done and willing to make any necessary repairs for free after a certain period. This agreement should be noted down and signed by both parties, each going with the own document. The contractor must be able to state clearly what they are willing to take care of after the job is completed. This also determines s if your relationship will continue after the project.

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