Tips for selecting an architect

The real estate bubble that has prevailed over the past decade has seen the rise in the number of architects in different markets. Architects are learned professionals that are responsible for drawing a building plan before embarking on the actual building and construction. While designing, architects must consider a number of factors including the Chicago building code violations, the maximum number of people that can occupy the building at a given period and the type of activities that will be carried out in the building. For example, offices require spaces with minimum compartments, unlike hospitals which are likely to be bigger with multiple compartments.

Architects design all kinds of buildings including hospitals, skyscrapers, schools, train stations, regular houses and even churches. Initially, a designer makes a plastic model that represents the eventual outlook of a particular building. Thereafter the architect presents the model to the developers and construction companies who are responsible for the actual construction. However, it is important to note that the designer will work closely with the construction company throughout the development process.

In this regard it is evident that an architect plays a vital role in procuring an ideal building and therefore you ought to mindful of the following considerations when hiring;


The reputation of an architectural firm is vital in the decision-making process. It is thus necessary to ensure that you have duly consulted with developers, realtors and construction companies to ascertain the reputation of the architectural firm before hiring. Also, you ought to check out online reviews and the internet in general to see the kind of reputation that is held by the architect or company.


The abilities of an architect are measured by the kind of work that was done in the past and the work that is presently being administered. Therefore you should analyze the level of work that the company can do through their portfolio.

Design charrettes

A design charrette is a challenge that is meant to shade light on the expertise of a particular architect. You can thereby assign projects to different designers and compare in order to establish the candidate that suits your preference. Through the charrette, you can substantively analyze the creative abilities of different architects.



It is imperative to ensure that your architect has been certified or licensed by the state to perform architectural work. A permit or license is sufficient evidence of compliance with government policies and regulations. These regulations are usually put in place to guarantee professionalism and standard service delivery.

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